Case Lifecycle

Case Lifecycle Overview

The case lifecycle (also known as stages) is a unique visual model of a user’s progression through a case.

The case lifecycle UI guides someone through several lifecycle phases to complete a specified business process in Pega. For both run-time and back-end Platform users, this is a component that persists throughout the different pages of the UI.

case lifecycle component

Last updated: Dec 2019

Horizontal progression

Display the case lifecycle phases in order from left to right. This progression indicates to the user that they are performing a multi-step process, and shows the direction of movement from start to finish. 

Last updated: Dec 2019

Indicate current phase

Keep the user informed of where they currently are within a case. Visual emphasis on the current phase not only will give them a sense of clarity and control, but also helps the user to know where they are in relation to where they have been and to know what phases of the case are to come next. 

Last updated: Dec 2019


Similarly to Buttons, case lifecycle phases represent action. Thus, clear language in labeling should accompany the lifecycle phases to indicate what the user should accomplish within each step. Keep communication to two words following a similar pattern of Verb then Object.

Last updated: Dec 2019


All lifecycle phases are to be written in the secondary typography styling — Open Sans, Regular, 14 px font. Use the bold weight when highlighting the phase a user is currently in and regular for past and future phases.

Last updated: Dec 2019