Pulse overview

With the new release of Pega's Cosmos design system not only has the UX and UI received a visual refresh; but also, the information architecture’s approach has been clarified to be modular. Pulse is Pega’s version of a comment feed. Any business user working on a case can collaboratively work together through comment interaction.
pulse post
Pulse keeps comment activity, attachments, and post likes all in one place, not only sustaining a history of the work that has been conducted and also moving the conversation forward until completion of all tasks.
Below the case management lifecycle, the Pulse feed lives in the center of the interface in the activity area. Pulse is comprised of other components found throughout the design system: cards, icons, and attachments.
See spec requirements under these related components for more details on their usage.

Last updated: Jul 2020

Pulse posts

Like cards, Pulse post variations share three sections: a header, body, and footer.
A post header always has a user avatar, text representing the user’s name, timestamp and in some cases, a link to a corresponding case. The avatar is located furthest to the left with the text and timestamp located beside.
The post body contains text and links depending on user-inputted content. Some posts can include attachments, which indicate a document or group of files a user has uploaded or has the ability to download. In addition to files, attachments can be URL’s or links to an application-based document. 
The Pulse footer contains buttons that initiate user interaction: comment and link. These are simple buttons with icons. 
pulse post

Last updated: Dec 2019